Did you recently get a message on your vehicle display for a scheduled maintenance visit? Well, you might have an urgent issue with your vehicle. Kempthorn Volvo in Canton, Ohio is happy to help with any maintenance or service needs you have.

Volvo owners from Akron to North Franklin can rely on us for answers to their maintenance questions. Maybe you're just wondering how to turn off the maintenance alert. Your Volvo maintenance message is important, but there's no harm in resetting it once you've gotten the message.

Perks of Volvo Maintenance

You can find information about Volvo maintenance and warranties in your owner's manual or the Volvo Cars app. You can use the app to schedule your next appointment, keep track of battery levels, and read up on all of your vehicle's specifications.

The Volvo maintenance alert helps you get ahead of appointments so that you can schedule maintenance in a seamless fashion. It's all part of My Volvo Experience. Your scheduled maintenance program covers oil and fluid changes, tires, brakes, batteries, and subsystems.

The monitoring system is sophisticated and tracks your vehicle as it adapts to your daily driving activities. The light might come on sooner than your scheduled maintenance visit. That's why you can't afford to ignore the alert. You can bring your vehicle to Kempthorn Volvo or follow the steps below to reset the Volvo maintenance message yourself.

How to Reset Your Volvo Maintenance Light

You can reset the Volvo maintenance service reminder from inside your vehicle.

  • Start by turning your ignition to the first position.
  • On the left steering wheel stalk, press and hold the OK/Reset button.
  • Keep holding down the reset button.
  • Now, turn the ignition switch to the second position while holding the reset button.
  • Wait for about ten seconds in this position.
  • Next, look for the information light to start blinking.
  • Then, you can release that OK/Reset button.
  • Turn the ignition switch to the off position for a few minutes.

You should hear a beep when the maintenance message indicator has been properly reset. If you're having difficulty with this procedure then don't hesitate to come to Kempthorn Volvo in Canton, OH. Our highly skilled professionals can reset your maintenance alert and double-check your vehicle for any service needs.

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