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Get Onboard With Volvo Electrification, Sustainability at Kempthorn Volvo Cars Near Canton, OH

Volvo Cars is brand well ahead of the sustainable pack. In fact, the Volvo luxury model lineup at Kempthorn Volvo Cars features one form of electrification or another. This helps to achieve a brand-wide goal of splitting all sales worldwide between Volvo hybrid and pure-electric models alone.

So, whatever preference and capability held, Volvo Recharge plug-in hybrids or pure-electric models offer lessened, if not eliminated emissions. And the new generation of Volvo powertrain lends mild-hybrid efficiency saving fuel and cash both.

Near Akron, we encourage your interest in a sustainable means of transportation - all Volvo.

Volvo Electrification Spans All Luxury Models Near Youngstown

Every consumer has their preference and desire in a vehicle.

Whether you prefer the larger dimensions of SUVs or the more refined lines of a luxury sedan, Kempthorn Volvo Cars offers a Volvo luxury model fitting the bill.

We also offer the greater Green area the Volvo luxury estate wagon, all with a caveat.

You may enjoy the cost-saving benefit of electric powering with every Volvo Recharge or mild-hybrid model offered. As well, federal tax credits worth thousands of dollars may apply to your Volvo hybrid and pure-electric acquisition near Warren.

For a better understanding of the differences amongst the Volvo electrified luxury lineup, please look below for details.

Volvo Recharge Plug-In Hybrid SUVs, Sedans, Wagons

With a simple overnight, plugged-in charge, your Volvo XC40 Pure Electric luxury SUV will extend an all-electric driving radius of 19-miles. When in hybrid mode, both Volvo XC90 Recharge and Volvo XC60 Recharge will deliver up to 55 mpg.

Volvo luxury sedans comprising Volvo S90 Recharge and Volvo S60 Recharge lend 22-miles of an all-electric range, while supplying up to 69 mpg when in hybrid driving mode.

Volvo V60 Recharge luxury estate wagons offer the same in hybridized efficiency while surrounded in Volvo-minted luxury and comfort.

Volvo Recharge Pure-Electric Luxury SUVs, Crossovers - Never Needing Fuel

Volvo XC40 Recharge SUVs and Volvo C40 Recharge crossovers will never require fuel or oil changes. When fully charged overnight in North Franklin, you'll be able to travel up to 223+miles. And acceleration has been timed from stillness to 60 mph in just 4.3-seconds, between both pure-electric models.

As with all the latest Volvo luxury models, Google applications of Google Maps, Google Assistant and Google Play are built-in, and come to life with simple voice commands.

Volvo Mild Hybrid Luxury Models - The New Generation of Volvo Powertrain

This latest Volvo production year has seen the launch of the new generation of Volvo powertrain.

Mild-hybrid technology spanning Volvo XC60 SUVs, Volvo S90 and Volvo S60 luxury sedans, and Volvo V90 Cross Country estate wagons excels by harnessing spent braking power for later repurposing.

When accelerating, that repurposed energy lends added punch to the 2L, four-cylinder combustion engine. In this, less fuel is consumed and reduced are emissions released. As well, there's never the need of a plugged-in charge.

Simply drive and brake accordingly, and you've got a steady power supply to augment fuel economy.

Federal Tax Credits and Volvo Hybrid, Pure-Electric Models at Kempthorn Volvo Cars

To encourage sustainable practices, the federal government offers the ability to claim thousands of dollars in tax credits with your Volvo hybrid or pure-electric acquisition.

This allows greater savings in addition to what's been saved with fuel consumption across the Volvo lineup at Kempthorn Volvo Cars.

Kempthorn Volvo Cars - Your Local Spot for Volvo Hybrid, Pure-Electric Models Near Canton, OH

Visit with us today and test drive your Volvo luxury preference in true sustainability. There may even be Volvo finance offers and lease deals applied.