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You have been driving your new Volvo for a couple of years now. You've enjoyed your trips to Akron and Youngstown even more, now that you've been driving a Volvo. But it appears you are nearing the end of your lease. Your time behind the wheel of the Volvo you've bonded with for the past three years is coming to a close. But this is no time to be sad. It is an opportunity to look to the future. Because you have lots of options as you move forward. Kempthorn Volvo, in Canton, Ohio, is here to help you take the next step in the leasing process.

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Lease Return Timeline:

90 Days Before Lease End

About three months before your lease is up, we recommend starting the research process. Lease end is a great time to upgrade to the newest Volvo model or find something to fit your current lifestyle. You can also choose to purchase your vehicle or turn in your lease. Learn more about options just below.

When you're ready to explore, we offer a vast selection of Volvo cars, wagons, and SUVs, so peruse the selection when you come in for your inspection or service visit.

60 Days Before Lease End

At 60 days before the end of your lease, you need to set up an appointment for a vehicle inspection through Volvo Financial Services. This inspection can take place at your home or office. This inspection typically takes about 45 minutes. To ensure a smooth inspection, we recommend ensuring all keys, manuals, cords and mats are available and your vehicle is in a safe and accessible place for the inspector. The inspector will look for damage, abnormal wear and tear and any tears or stains on the upholstery. Afterwards, you'll receive a condition report and an estimate of costs. If your inspection finds damage, you can make an appointment with Kempthorn Volvo Cars for your lease-end repairs. 

30 Days Before Lease End

At the 30-day mark, you should schedule your turn-in date and time with the dealership. You will need to provide your current mileage in this phone call. During this phone call, discuss your end-of-term payment.

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Lease Return Options

Returning your lease is as easy as it can be. The hard part is deciding what your next step will be. Would you like to carry on in a new Volvo? Or willing to keep the one you've grown accustomed to? No matter what you decide, the team at Kempthorn Volvo Cars is here to help.

Option 1: Trade It for Another Volvo Model

One of the benefits of leasing your Volvo is the opportunity to always be driving the newest Volvo available. If you love the Volvo S90 you've been driving around North Franklin or Warren, trade it in for the latest version of the S90. Perhaps your family situation has changed. Lease an XC60 crossover and enjoy the space and versatility that comes with it. The world is your proverbial oyster.

Bring us your lease and you can drive home in a completely new Volvo. When the time comes to return, schedule your appointment to have our team inspect your current lease. Simply browse through the selection of Volvo models and discover a lease special that benefits you, and you're on your way.

Option 2: Buy the Lease You Love

We understand. You have grown attached to your lease. Your kids have grown up in the back seat and have their favorite spots. If that is the case, you don't even have to turn in your lease. Instead, you can choose to buy the vehicle you have been driving. Apply for financing, and our team can set you up with one of our reputable lenders. Together we'll help you find monthly payments that fit inside your ideal budget. Then the car can be yours. Without ever changing hands again.

Option 3: Turn in Your Lease, No Strings Attached

Leasing a Volvo can be a different experience for everyone. And we understand seasons change. You may be ready to move on and away from Volvo altogether. We get it. And we are willing to work with you. When your lease obligations have been met, you are more than welcome to walk away. Returning your Volvo lease is a no-hassle process. After we appraise your lease, you are free to move on. Under no circumstance are you committed to leasing or buying another Volvo.

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Excess Wear and Use Examples

Some things must get fixed before you can turn in your leased vehicle to avoid charges. On the exterior, you must have repaired any hail damage or punctures, dents or scratches of more than four inches and cracks in the glass whether spider or large cracks. On the interior, you'll need to repair permanent stains, large tears of half an inch or larger and upholstery holes greater than an eighth of an inch. Once you've made these repairs you can request a second-chance lease inspection. For information on Volvo Financial Services Excess Wear and Use or other questions, please contact Volvo Financial Services at (866) 499-6793.

Ding With Broken Paint

Tire and Rim Damage

Tire wear; All four tires must match

Chips and Scratches


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Lease-End FAQ

Can I extend my lease?

In most cases, you can. However, you should contact Volvo Financial Services at for information concerning the process of extending the terms of your specific lease agreement.

Can I end my lease early?

When you lease a new Volvo, you may be eligible to end your lease up to six months early without payment through the Volvo Lease Pull Ahead program. Contact us for more details and to see if you qualify!

If I have body damage on my Volvo, where can I have it repaired?

You can have the body damage on your vehicle repaired at our Volvo certified body shop.

What if I go over the lease mileage limit?

You will be charged an over mileage fee of 25 cents/mile for every mile you go over the mileage limit.

What to expect on a lease inspection at home?

You can expect a call about 90-days before your lease ends to set up an appointment at home with an independent inspector who will look for excessive wear and tear damage on the leased vehicle. 

What is normal wear and tear?

Normal wear and tear is damage costing an average amount of money for repairs. Typically, dents, scratches, and tears smaller than a credit card found in the exterior vehicle's paint-clear coat.

What should I bring with me when I turn in my lease?

You should return all the items that arrived with the vehicle. These items include the original floor mats, spare tires, additional rows of seats, the two sets of keys, the vehicle's manuals, cords, and cargo covers.

Can I choose a new vehicle to lease after mine expires?

Drivers seeking a new vehicle to lease can click to explore our new inventory online to begin searching for their favorite model. After your current lease expires, we encourage you to schedule a test drive and get behind the wheel of something new to try out.

What happens if I owe money on my lease?

After your lease expires, our finance team will let you know if you owe any outstanding fees on your lease. Additional fees might come into play if your lease is damaged or you've exceeded the allotted mileage as stated in your lease agreement. We recommend covering all costs and expenses on your current lease before shopping for something new.

Can I complete the lease-end process from home?

Kempthorn Volvo Cars offers convenient online lease-end solutions for drivers in Canton, OH, shopping from home. Click to kickstart the lease-end process from the comfort of your home and only visit our dealership in person when you need to.

Can I purchase my vehicle after my lease expires?

Yes, you can choose to buy your vehicle outright at the end of your lease term. This will grant you eventual ownership of the vehicle and give you unrestricted access to driving it in Canton, OH, and beyond!

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