Everyone in the Canton, Ohio area knows Volvo prides itself on providing excellent-performing vehicles in every category. It is safe to say that you will be blown away by the performance of every base Volvo model, but you can still take things to the next level by enhancing the performance of your vehicle. This is done by purchasing the Volvo Polestar software update.

Volvo Polestar is a software-based upgrade system that optimizes the performance of your vehicle. This upgrade package is available on any Volvo made after 2016. Six crucial parts of the vehicle's software will be updated to improve performance drastically.

The throttle response is recalibrated to provide improved accelerator reaction and feedback. This makes driving on windy roads around Canton, OH, much easier. The engine and gearbox are also recalibrated to provide enhanced control and response when you let off the throttle.

The gearshift speed is increased to give your Volvo a little more acceleration. This update gives you more control over the vehicle's gear shifting. The gearshift will also be optimized to provide more midrange performance. You will notice this change while taking sharp corners.

Two key updates will also be made to the engine of your Volvo. The Drive-E powertrain is optimized to offer more midrange engine performance. This enhanced performance will be seen when entering the highway or speeding up to pass another vehicle. The final Volvo Polestar update improves the torque on AWD vehicles. The software will give the rear wheels more power when you accelerate.

For more information about the Volvo Polestar software update promotion and how to get it for your vehicle, visit us here at Kempthorn Volvo Cars. We will answer all your questions and provide even more details on this exciting new way to enhance your vehicle's performance.