Soon to come, Volvo XC90 will be harboring a new information and infotainment system. The premise is to make even more enjoyable the time spent within this unparalleled luxury SUV outside Youngstown, OH.

At present, Kempthorn Volvo Cars is playing host to updated, 2023 Volvo XC90. And featured is the new mild-hybrid powertrain, helping to cement Volvo XC90 as the perfect canvas upon which to keep innovating.

Soon Featured -- New Infotainment Technology for Volvo XC90

Volvo is a brand that’s always progressing. Through efficient designs and sustainable powering to interiors offering the very latest in conveniences, every Volvo model brought to market near Green and Warren is at the cutting edge.

As such, recently announced is development of the Human Machine Interface (HMI).

Photorealistic Animation to Infotainment, Driver Information

Development of HMI will bring richer graphics, renderings sharpened and photorealistic animation to the Driver Information Module. Getting this done is Unreal Engine – the real-time, 3D-animation system designed by Epic Games.

And powering these high-quality animation will be new, Snapdragon Cockpit Platforms implemented via Qualcomm. Generated graphics and processing within the cabin will be exceptionally quicker than the current system. Expected is a computing rate 10-times as fast.

As such, high-resolution graphics will be produced in real-time for the enjoyment of all those inside Volvo XC90. Your travels throughout Akron and North Franklin made more savory.

For more information on this latest Volvo innovation, feel free to contact our local Canton-area dealership. Our Volvo professionals will provide added detail.

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